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*What kind of currency you process?
USD dollars only.

* How can I find the suitable parts ?
1.We have sort out all the parts in several categories. You could view all of them in Site Map

2.Or just search the item by the "keywords". And also you could check you models which looks similar with yours.

3. Go to Home to check which model of motorbike will be more simliar with yours. Simply click the icon to view all the parts belongs to.

* How could I confirm the parts will be suitable for my bike?
Look at our bike model and compare whether it is similiar with your model. Or you also can Email us(with photo and size will be better) to confirm.

* The model looks similar but we call it as another "Model No.",will your parts be suitable?
Lots of bike manufactured at same factory but imported by different distributors or importers with variety of models. It always happened. You could let us know the details.

* Do you do whosales?
Wholeseller is welcome. Please get more information at Wholesale&Discount.  Or you can contact us directly for specail requirement.

* Is international shipping availabe?
Yes. We ship all around the world to most countries. Refer to Shipping.

* What kind of package including? And any model name available since there are some many different standard in the marketing.
Yes. We have our own package which could help you protect you parts and let you work easier in your warehouse to arrange them. Refer to Shipping.
Each parts in the shop has its unique model name that help you distinguish them and commnunicate with us. We will have some more detail information for the parts,for example the diameter wires for engine and measurement for installation. Discuss with us if you have any problem on the technical problems and prices issue.

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