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Motorcycle / Scooter HID Conversion Kit - 6000K #87706

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Who said HID Conversion Kits are only for cars and trucks? This HID Kit can be used to convert the halogen lights on your motorcyle into Xenon HID lights. You just need to know the size of your bulbs and choose the correct size and colour and you will be ready to install the HID in no time. The installation is simple and the kit includes comprehensive instructions it is worthwhile to convert to HID for your own safety as a motorcycle drive you are already at a disadvantage when driving on the road with automobile drivers dominating the roads. This way you can have increased visibility and also the xenon lights are more easily spotted by other road users to avoid potential dangerous collisions. Not to mention the xenon lights have a broad spectrum of colours to choose from to meet whatever preference you may have.

Motorcycle / Scooter HID Conversion Kit - 6000K

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