For 2017-Oct-01, default the component of kits will pick and pack together along with all other parts of your orders.

For example, if you order 5 engine kits like the following sample, all the component will be picked as usual, but will all be packed together in the shipping carton. 

*Any order contain kits will be packed under this rule by default 

*Free for this option

*Save Space, Save shipping cost.

The option of pack-as-kit still remaining but need will need to charge $5 handling fee per kits at $15 minimum.  If you choose this option, all the kits your receive will stay as each kit packed. 

When you choose this option, please be aware of 

*Allow 1-3 days handling days extra to fulfill your order.

*Shipping cost might/not be increased as "air" be packed in each kit box.