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6 Magneto Stator/Rotor for 50-125cc ATVs, Dirt Bikes & Go Karts(

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# 6 Magneto Rotor for 50-125cc ATVs, Dirt Bikes & Go Karts
# Diameter:111mm
# Width: 51mm
# Inside Diameter: 85mm
# Bolt Hole Spacing: 51mm (with electrical start connection)

# 6-Coil Magneto Stator Coil for most Chinese 50cc-125cc ATVs & Go Karts and 70cc Overhead Horizontal Electric Start Engine
# It can fit most Chinese brand engine but you need check how many coils on your original stator
# Bolt Hole Spacing: 42mm, see the pictures for reference
# 6 coils, 5 wires, female plug

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